Over the past 20 years Sustech has grown from strength to strength. Our product range has a long standing track record of meeting the most demanding applications. Using the latest technology along with years of experience, our designs provide superior performance, without a high cost penalty. 

We take pride in providing solutions to meet our customers needs.

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  Needle Valves / Hand Valves

  • Well suited for isolating switches, sensors, gauges and other equipment.
  • Accurate flow control at low flow rates for sustained periods
  • Available in many configurations and pressure ratings, from 3000psi up to 10 000psi.
  • We have bar-stock needle valves, forged body needle valves, tube connection needle valves, 90 degree needle valves as well as compact mini needle valves.
  • Look at our metering range for flow control of very low flow rates. These metering needle valves can accurately control flow to low levels. 
  • Choice of handles allows the user the feel to which they prefer.
  • Large choice of materials available including 316ss, brass, inconel, hastelloy, monel and others.

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  Gauge Valves

Gauge Valves allow easy removal, isolation and calibrating of gauges etc.

  • Available in brass, steel, 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy
  • Angled tap and 180 degree designs
  • BSPG, BSPP, NPT and Gauge Swivel Connections
  • from 1/4" up to 1"

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  Instrument Manifold
Sustech's Wide variety of Instrument Manifolds covers all major segments of the market. Used for petrochemical, Power generation, Water treatment, Oil and Gas, and many others, we have the instrument manifold for you.
Direct Mount Instrument Manifold 
Remote Mount Instrument Manifold
Flange to Thread Instrument Manifold
Flange to Flange Instrument Manifold
Rosemount® Co-Planar™ Instrument Manifold

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Isolation Monoflange
Block and Bleed Monoflange
DBB Block and Bleed Monoflange
OS&Y Monoflange

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  Air Headers

High Pressure 6000PSI Air Headers
Ball Valve Air Headers with many configurations
Steam Distibution Manifolds

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  Gauge Accessories
                Gauge Cocks
Pressure Protectors
Thermal Protectors
Adapter Fittings

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  Condensate Pots
Condensate Pots
Seal Pots
Sampling Chambers

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  Orifice Plates
Concentric Design
Eccentric Design
Many more option available

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  Meter Runs
Meter Runs are Flow Devices intended to measure flow from a differential pressure through an reduced orifice

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  Gate Valves
  Welded Bonnet Gate Valve
Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve
Compact API 602 Gate Valve
Flange to Flange Gate Valve

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  DBB Gauge Valves
Provides great operational safety by using a block/vent/block design.

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